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For past eight years I have been working on image processing field, specifically on Ortho Rectification of aerial imagery, aerial image acquisition & flight planning, installation of flux towers e.g. Eddy Covariance, Bowen Ratio etc.

For my day to day work I encounter interesting obstacles and try to solve them with my best understanding.

I have created this website in hope to share my findings related to image processing with anyone who is looking for the similar problems.


Keep a presentable record of interesting/intuitive methods that I discovered, related to ortho-rectification of aerial imagery.

Would like to show how I handled various image processing challenges.

To be more transparent about my professional work.

To present the apps that I have created (using VB.net etc.) to improve efficiency of numerous tasks in the ortho-rectification work flow.

Here you will find several ways to create ortho-rectified imagery by using single or a combination of software’s listed below:-


ArcMap Ortho Rectification

Microstation (TerraPhoto TerraScan)

AgiSoft PhotoScan