Escalante River ground truth survey.

This survey was done near the confluence of green river and yampa river.

Approximately __ mile of flood planes along the river were surveyed.



PhotoMosaic mosaicing


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PhotoMosaic is a module of PhotoMod(lite) software suite. I use this software to stitch ortho-rectified individual tiffs and create a ortho mosaic.

  • It can align images precisely at the overlap area to avoid ghosting of features.
  • Second reason is that it is very good at color balancing adjacent rectified tiffs.





Note: I extend my thanks to PhotoMosaic software for providing demo/lite version. This helped me to create very professional looking mosiacs.



CA vineyards High Resolution EC tower & Regional field mosaics.

CA vineyards imagery was collected multiple times during the growing season of year 2013. Multi-Spectral, Thermal & LIDAR data was collected for this mission.

During each visit low resolution imagery for larger area and high resolution imagery for the fields with EC towers were collected multiple times per visit to the site.

Here are some examples of the mosaics produced.


Home New

I have been working on Image Processing field since 2006. During those years I have worked on numerous projects and faced interesting problems related to image processing. I have learned several interesting approaches to solve those problems. Recently I realized that I can host my bog for free. This was a wonderful opportunity to keep record of my findings. This way I won’t forget the details of what I did exactly to solve a particular problem. Initailly I started writing these articles for myself, but with time my objectives changed from simple record keeping to the following:-

  • Keep a presentable record of interesting/intuitive methods that I discovered, related to ortho-rectification of aerial imagery.
  • Would like to show how I handled various image processing challenges.
  • To be more transparent about my professional work.
  • To present the apps that I have created (using etc.) to improve efficiency of numerous tasks in the ortho-rectification work flow.
  • Create short tutorials related to ortho-rectification software (e.g. ArcMap, MicroStation, PhotoScan, PhotoMosaic etc.