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I have been working on Image Processing field since 2006. During those years I have worked on numerous projects and faced interesting problems related to image processing. I have learned several interesting approaches to solve those problems. Recently I realized that I can host my bog for free. This was a wonderful opportunity to keep record of my findings. This way I won’t forget the details of what I did exactly to solve a particular problem. Initailly I started writing these articles for myself, but with time my objectives changed from simple record keeping to the following:-

  • Keep a presentable record of interesting/intuitive methods that I discovered, related to ortho-rectification of aerial imagery.
  • Would like to show how I handled various image processing challenges.
  • To be more transparent about my professional work.
  • To present the apps that I have created (using VB.net etc.) to improve efficiency of numerous tasks in the ortho-rectification work flow.
  • Create short tutorials related to ortho-rectification software (e.g. ArcMap, MicroStation, PhotoScan, PhotoMosaic etc.