Quickly Mosaic Tiles

To quickly create a mosaic from several tiles “gdalbuildvrt” & “gdal_translate” can be used as follows:-

  1. Create a virtual raster from all the tiles in a folder:- 
    Run the following command at DOS prompt of your system. Make sure you command line prompt is showing current path as you input tiffs. Then run the following command=> “gdalbuildvrt virtual_mosaic.vrt *.tif”  (any wild card pattern can be used to suite your needs). This will create a virtual mosaic of all the tiffs in the folder from where you executed the command.
  2. Create mosaic from virtual raster:-
    Execute the follwoing command at the command line=> “gdal_translate virtual_mosaic.vrt mosaic.tif”

Note: To make my (gdal command line executable) tasks much simpler, I copy all the gdal utilities (exe and dll) in ..windowssystem32 folder. This way I can execute Gdal commands from any folder without specifying full path to the executables, input and output files.