Crop Images Using Gdal Batch Commander

I align NIR, Red image bands to Green band in order to create false color composite in ArcMap. Since image alignment/stacking process shifts NIR & Red bands, so they match perfectly to the Green band. This causes dark colored borders and there is no data from at least one band. This causes problems when TerraPhoto tries to balance color of the overlapping images. This results in improper color balancing. I use Gdal Batch Commander to fix this issue as follows:-



There is as dark stripe on all sides of the image, specially left and top strips are clearly visible in the image above. To crop the the side strips I use “IrfanView software”, by drawing bounding box in such a way that the box excludes side borders. IrfanView’s title bar display’s the top left coordinates (28,31), where crop needs to initiate and the width and height (1983,2000) of the crop box (new image size). Then I use above cropping information in Gdal Batch Commander as follows:-