Gdal Batch Commander

Gdal Batch CommanderSince I use several software in Orhto-Rectification workflow and these software have their strengths and weaknesses. I switch between software to achieve best results. For instance, I rectify thermal imagery in ArcMap, since it has a very robust interface for rectification. But for stitching (mosaicking) images together I use PhotoMod software as it has very good module for aligning (fine-adjustments) of rectified images. But it does not support 32bit (float) images. I use this utility to convert 32-bit float images to 16-bit images in order to use in PhotoMosaic.

I use this utility to speed up my repeating task, by running them in batch mode, e.g.:-

  • To crop borders from the stacked (NIR, Red & Green) imagery.
  • Create shapefile from raster with non-rectangular boundary, which exactly follows the raster edges.
  • Resample images at lower resolution for quick overviewing.
  • Change from one file format to another e.g.   .img to .tif etc.

This utility can be used in numerous other ways. This utility is not limited to gdal_translate, it can be used with any other gdal command line executable which accepts parameters in similar way.

Tip: You might want to download and keep all Gdal executables and dll’s in “c:Gdal” folder for Gdal Batch Commander to function properly.


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